Our three residents have their own private bedroom. The rooms are fully furnished but there will always be space for your precious treasures.

Shared Spaces

We enjoy a large living room with a fireplace for cozy winter days. There is a huge screen TV to watch our favorite shows or DVDs. A bookcase holds a wide variety of reading materials and a large picture window lets in lots of light for reading.


The breakfast room, with it’s colorful stained glass window, is where we share our meals. A coffee bar with an assortment of coffees including flavored coffees, teas and hot chocolates, is available all the time as are snacks and treats.

A large roomy kitchen invites in everyone.  All of our meals are prepared here and everyone is welcome to join the fun!  It will also be fun to bake cookies, breads and other tasty treats, can fresh fruits and vegetables and make delicious jams and jellies.

The formal dining room is a perfect place for you to host your family for meals. We welcome their continued involvement in your life.  This is also a great spot for our puzzles and crafts!


The back patio has comfortable chairs to sit in and drink your morning coffee.  For those with a green thumb there are lots of flower beds in the yard to putter in as well as a gardening table to pot plants and flowers.  There is also a home for your special potted plants.